A Stronger Person

Three of my all time favorite movies are Matilda, Spirited Away, and La Femme Nikita. I always question and wonder why certain things are my favorite.  I realize all these movies have a couple things in common a strong leading woman, a bit of magic, and they all are a bit unordinary.  Perhaps thats what draws me in.  If you guys have not seen any of these movies I strongly recommend them for all ages.

I chose this assignment because immediately when I read the descriptions these three movies came to mind and I remembered just how influential they truly were to me.  It was great to watch the clips and go back down on memory lane.  It took me a couple hours to do this assignment because every time I watched a clipped I ended up going back and watching the whole thing.  Funny thing is no matter how much I age I am still intrigued by all.

The way I created this assignment was by going on youtube selecting my favorite clips and downloading them to my computer.  Edited the videos and arranged them into imovie.  All was left to do is add my commentary and upload.


5 Stars


Be Kind, Rewind

For this project I recreated a scene from Wizard of Oz with my own twist.  Honestly I think I like mine more than the original. XD  Plus, I think my dog did a better job acting out the role of Todo.    Or maybe I was a fan of my version because I could relate so much.  Either way fun project.

The reason I picked this assignment is because I thought it would be creative and different.  I chose Wizard of Oz because I felt like it had a lot of play room with the dialogue.  I also wanted to pick a movie that I know most people have seen.   On top of that it  was a lot of fun trying to act out my interpretation of Judy Garland.

The way I created this piece is by trying to dress up as Dorothy using what I had around the house. That said I found the most convenient Todo which was my very own personal Luna.  I tried to use some elements that we learned in the beginning of this week like one point perspective and zooming.  I edited my clips using imovie.  Put on a filter to help make the clips look dated and increased the speed of my voice to give it a more comical feel.





5 Stars


My Life

Making this vlog was very unusual but in a good way.  It was a completely different look to home videos.  At first I thought everything I recorded was rubbish, but then I soon realized how many memories I captured of my life at this very moment.  I think about how amazing and what a gift it must be to all vloggers to have years of their lives recorded and saved.  All their children and grandchildren will be about to come back to these videos and see beautiful moments of their past.

Once I read the description I knew this was a video I would love to tackle on.  Everyday for years I come home and watch a vlog or two from some of my favorite youtube sensations.  Something about watching others peoples lives truly peaks my interest.  Perhaps I would have been considered a nosy neighbor in my past.  Thankfully I can do my sneaky business in the comfort of my bed and laptop, thanks to youtube. lol

Creating this project was a bit more difficult then one would expect.   I always had to remember to carry my camera with me and that turn it on.  I often felt self conscious recording when I was around others.  That said I still had thirty minutes of footage which I had a hard time narrowing down to ten minutes.  I always knew vlogging was difficult just never realized how much.

5 Stars



First half of Week 4

Post 1:

The scene I chose for my look, listen, analyze was ne near the end of the episode where they realize why the aliens came to earth.

1. This video takes advantages of several of the techniques. It uses aspects of the rule of thirds when the man (the good guy) is to the right and the alien (the bad guy) approaches from the left. You can tell the 180 degree rule is in place as the characters are consistently looking the same way whenever they’re on camera. There is also the zoom effect, zooming in on the man to emphasis the dramatic events that are about to happen.

2. The dialogue was very fast-paced. The character’s voices reflected the emotion of the situation. There was also dramatic music being played that helped convey a sense of seriousness.

3. When watching and listening together, the sounds and visuals were in sync. The dramatic music keyed in at the same time the zoom in, both features playing off the other.





Heres the scene I was referring too in this post


Post 2:

Interesting Facts about Production (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Serve_Man_(The_Twilight_Zone))
1: This episode is actually based on a short story written 12 years before the episode was created. I found this particularly interesting because I always assumed, and was equally impressed, that the Twilight Zone came up with original ideas. I didn’t realize they leveraged other sources.
2. The ship was actually an adapted version of the a ship used in a movie, Forbidden Planet.
3, Continuing with the theme of this episode borrowing from other places, this episode took footage from a movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still.

I identified this episode as being in the science fiction genre. Sci-fi is one of the most popular genres of all time. Some movie examples are the Alien series, E.T., and Avatar. Sci-fi is a genre I definitely don’t see going away any time soon.

Scene Mashup

Post 3:

The genre I chose was “Family Blogging.” This was not already in the class list but think it deserves mention. A lot of “Youtube stars” are ust people filming their everyday life and the life of their family. I think these genres are titled playfully but have an underlying meaning. They kind of define the importance of YouTube and how it’s grown. YouTube is more than just posting videos online. It’s an art to present your video in a way that will catch the attention of others and get views. YouTube is special because it helps push certain videos to the top.

Post 4:

A Day In Your Life
For this one I have to create a vlog of my day. I chose this one because I’m a huge fan of vloggers. This is my favorite genre of videos on YouTube and it is something I would like to do myself.
To do this assignment, I am going to carry a camera with me for a whole day and record as much of what I do as possible. I was also try to take some still pictures of some of the more memorable moments of the day. Once I have all my raw footage/images, I will condense to a ten minute clip that I feel best summarizes the average day for me.

Swede a Scene
I picked this assignment because I thought it would be fun to do. Seeing as it is inspired by the movie Be Kind, Rewind, I think I will try to put a funny spin on my scene. I haven’t picked a movie scene yet, but I’m still looking. My plan is to take a little bit of footage from before and after the scene so people can identify the movie. Then I’ll insert my scene in place of the original.

Post 5:

The first Daily Create I did was the out of focus photo. For this I took an out of focus picture of a baby carriage fallen over, which the appearance something bad happened. I think taking an out of focus picture can be compared to zooming out of something in a movie. Both can be used as a way to transition away from something bad that’s happened.

The second Daily Create I did was the golden hour picture. With the weather being as bad as it was today, I really didn’t have an opportunity to take a good picture at sunset. I have taken pictures like this in the past though, so I decided to use one I took of a sunset at the Potomac River.


Smoking No No

Three of my favorite shows are “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Arrested Development,” and “Scrubs.”  The jokes are different but they all share the same sense of humor.  Sometimes I think how great it would be if they could all share a show together.  Who would enjoy JD’s fantasy worlds more than Tobias?  With their greed and selfishness wouldn’t most of the Always Sunny cast make honorary Bluthes?

The reason I chose this project was because it was something I see many others do and I would always find it interesting yet its not something I have never done before myself.  I watched multiple youtube videos to educate how I would even start doing this project.

The way I created this piece by first sitting down and thinking about what I wanted to say in my piece.  So I decided to create a piece about smoking in a humurous way.  So I downloaded clips from Scrubs, Always Sunny, and Arrested Development via youtube.  After I decided what pieces I would used I mashed them together using garageband.

4 1/2 stars



Toys and Dolls

Every kid loves playing with toys and while growing up we all had our favorites.  As a grown up, sometimes I look back at the toys I used to play with.  Some of them bring back fun feelings and I still think they’re cool.  Others bring back a completely different feeling, like what was I thinking and how did I enjoy this.  How creepy would it be if I still played with all those toys as if I never grew up?

For this project I decided to make a recording of several different toys being played with at once.  While I don’t play with children’s things anymore, my art has a lot of connections with childhood.  I make realistic baby dolls and the bulk of my photography work is with children.  Seeing as I still have most of my childhood toys I thought they would make a good inspiration for this project.

The way I created this project was I found randome toys around my house and recorded their sounds.  Then I edited the sounds in garage band to give it a bit more of a creepy feeling.


4 1/2 stars 

ds106 zone LoDown

It was great to hear so many tips on the Scottlo podcast.  This week we had guest speakers on Scottlo’s podcast.  Rochelle & Amber guest hosted the podcast.  Both gave a very informative podcast on sounds effects.  One of the greatest points they made that hit home to me was to really consider what sounds/music can mean something completely different to different age groups or to people from different backgrounds.

Jim Groom was another guest speaker this week.  It was great to hear shout outs of strong work from other students all in one podcast.  It was as well great to hear what he would have done a bit differently for each one.  Helps me as a student think of what to look for within my own work.

Doing these sound project really made me appreciate radio show host in general.  So much time and effort are put into one radio show.  Every time I hear Scottlo speak his voice is so crisp and clean and his transitions are so smooth.

To Fly


The song Gabriel by Lamb is about a person who is very stable and self-sufficient but still wants more.  This woman has their “angel” Gabriel and wants them.  She doesn’t need Gabriel to get by, but she really wants him in her life.  As the song goes on she realizes that  the necessities that she can provide herself mean less and less while the truly important thing is the man she loves.

I chose this song because it’s a favorite song of mine.  My goal was to try and have the poster mimic the song’s transition.  So at the top of the poster you have the “I Can Fly” stated pretty clearly.  Then you have the fly part starting to fade away.  As you move the poster the emphasis is the “But I want his wings” line.  Looking at the poster from a distance, this second line would be the dominant one.

For this project I used a black canvas, added texts, and a brush to create this image in photoshop.


3 1/2


Bumper Sticker

Living in the NOVA area, it’s hard to get away from the political scene.  Everywhere you turn someone’s trying to campaign or push their agenda.  Every four years, it because unbearable.  Personally, I just try to avoid it and take care of what I can take care of.  I like to judge a car not by the political party on their bumper sticker, but instead whether or not they can competently merge or stay in their own lane.

I chose this assignment because you see bumper stickers everywhere and they range from a million different topics.  Personally, I always like something funny.  For this assignment, I decided to poke fun at a subject that some people take way too seriously.

I grabbed a template off of google showing off the two parties, erased the text, and added my own.  If you would like to purchase this bumper sticker its a dollar each. =)

3 1/2 Stars

Old People


As we get older our bodies start to change for better or worse.  We may look different or something may not work quite like it used to.  For Poor Joe, his eyesight isn’t exactly up to par.  Poor Joe finds himself out in the shed one day and has mistaken this horse for his wife.  Why is he called Poor Joe you may ask?  It isn’t because of his eyesight.  It’s because he married Ugly Betty, a woman so ugly that even 20/20 vision confuses her for a farm animal.

I came across this picture online and it looked funny to me right away.  While it’s just a picture of an older man taking care of his horse, my mind went straight to jokes about a lost, senile old man.  This assignment was the perfect means to take advantage of that. I apply this assignment in real life all the time, I see a seemingly normal picture but I twist it a little bit so it can be the butt of a joke.

So using the link provided in the assignments bar I found this image and added text using photoshop using my great sense of humor.

2 Stars